Story 96 of 100: Olivia & Yisel: December Match of the Month

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December 13, 2018

Yisel and Olivia have been matched for 3 years at Sheridan High School.  Yisel is currently a junior and she is warm and thoughtful.

Balancing busy schedules can sometimes be challenging but Yisel and Olivia are committed to mentor2.0 and their match. Yisel regularly volunteers to stay after school to help set-up for events. And Olivia is flexible with her schedule. The match will even attend mentor2.0 events for other grades because they care so much about seeing each other and making the most of the mentor2.0 curriculum. Yisel and Olivia will even make plans to meet at the high school before events so they have time to catch up and talk about life.

Recently, the pair decided to take their match to the next level through mentor2.0 Plus. They now meet once a month outside the program and they are having an awesome time getting to know each other even better!  The Plus program also gives Yisel the chance to experience things she normally wouldn’t and she really enjoys this opportunity!