Match of the Month: Page and Gianna

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January 16, 2019

Meet Page and Gianna. They will be matched for 2 years in March!

Gianna watched her older brother, Davonte, have an amazing match for years and right when she turned 8 she was ready for it to be her turn.

These two are a ball to be around! Gianna was definitely on the shy side when she and Page first met. She was really nervous and didn’t say much. Fast forward to two years later and Page is Gianna’s confidant and Gianna feels comfortable speaking her mind. They talk about everything. Page’s easy going nature and goofy side, along with Gianna’s’ silly streak has allowed them to create a strong foundation right off the bat.

Whether these gals are sharing a meal at Denny’s, paddling away at Wash Park, attending Team BIG events, or Facetiming each other for an hour just to say hi, they are two peas in a pod. Watching their friendship grow has been such a joy as their Program Specialist. When they are together, Gianna will look at Page to see how she is reacting to a situation or grasp her hand if she is feeling anxious or nervous. Page always builds Gianna up, assures her and believes in her, and because of this Gianna is able to do things out of her comfort zone like skiing or being in a Big Brothers Big Sisters commercial on TV (they are the second match featured)!

Gianna is always excited to tell me about their match. She pulled me aside recently to tell me that her Big is amazing because “She always tells me that I am special.” Never forget to tell the people in your life they are special—Gianna reminded me that it can mean the world!

Written by Program Team Lead, Marissa who supports their match.