Match of the Month: Serenity  and Jenn

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February 21, 2019

Serenity and Jenn have been together since 2007 when Serenity was just seven years old! They are now in their 11th year together. In January, the match celebrated Serenity’s 19th birthday with a trip to Benihana. Serenity is preparing to graduate from high school this spring and is so excited for the next chapter in her life. She knows she will have Jenn’s support long after their match closes. When asked about the key to such a long and successful match, Jenn said it was really valuable to spend the first year together just learning about her Little’s interests so they could grow together.

While the pair initially bonded over a shared interest in the outdoors and movies, some highlights of their time together have been zip-lining, roller coasters, and frequent trips to the Aquarium. Now, they continue to keep a consistent schedule together and keep their outings interesting by doing a mix of more “mundane” things like walks or lunch and more adventurous things that take them out of their comfort zone.

When Serenity was younger and struggling with reading, Jenn learned fun reading games for them to play together and together they saw Serenity’s reading improve tremendously! Another significant experience for the pair was their trip to the Young American Bank to open a savings account and learn about money and finances. Even though these activities took place many years ago, Jenn found great value in them because she saw Serenity’s confidence skyrocket as she learned important life lessons. This mix of fun adventures and learning experiences, as well as their dedication to each other, are what makes their match so impressive.

Written by their Program Specialist, Lauren