Match of the Month: Melanie and Mary Katherine

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April 11, 2019

Melanie and Mary Katherine have been an excellent match since being matched in 2015 during Melanie’s freshman year at Sheridan High School. When the two were matched, Melanie was struggling in school, lacked academic motivation, and had no clear vision for her own future. Melanie shared that in her freshmen year she was failing five classes and often stayed home from school because she didn’t see the point. Melanie said that it was refreshing to be matched with Mary Katherine because she felt they had so much in common. Mary Katherine, through consistent event attendance and online communication, developed strong rapport with Melanie and they quickly began to trust each other. Over time, Mary Katherine worked with Melanie to help her develop study habits and motivate her to attend school more regularly. At the beginning of Melanie’s junior year the two became a mentor2.0 Plus pair which allowed them to meet once a month outside of the regular events. While many mentor2.0 Plus pairs use this opportunity to solely go on fun outings together, Mary Katherine and Melanie decided to alternate their monthly meet ups between doing things for fun and meeting to develop a plan for, and work toward, Melanie’s future.

During the summer between her junior and senior year, Melanie applied for and received the opportunity to be an intern at the Museo De Las Americas in Denver’s Santa Fe art district. Without a doubt, her work in mentor2.0 classes around creating meaningful summer experiences, building a resume, and honing interviewing skills assisted her in securing this internship opportunity. In her senior year, Melanie is proud that she was the first in her family to vote in a U.S. election. Moreover, she has a 3.0 GPA, enjoys school, has found a passion for the arts, and will be the first in her family to attend college as she has plans to enroll at Arapahoe Community College. When asked what her favorite memory with Mary Katherine is to this point, Melanie said attending Comic-Con was an experience she’ll never forget. The two have already discussed what their costumes will be for this year’s event. When Melanie graduates and the pair’s participation in the mentor2.0 program formally ends, there’s no doubt that Mary Katherine will continue to be there for Melanie as both a close friend and mentor while Melanie navigates the challenges that college will bring.


Written by Colin, Melanie & Mary Katherine’s Program Coordinator.