Match of the Month: Marc and Matthew

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April 25, 2019

Marc and Matthew have been Sports Buddies rock stars for years now and actually just celebrated passing their 3-year anniversary as a match in the first week of April!! These two have taken full advantage of the program and have shared a ton of new experiences together. Marc and Matthew have attended over 55 Sports Buddies events over their three years of being matched!

These two have participated in so many different activities offered by BBBSC such as karate, bowling, indoor sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, fishing, and our annual Silly Olympics event!  Our holiday parties have also been a favorite of theirs (as you can see from their picture).  In addition, they have also taken advantage of a couple unique opportunities offered by the program.  Every year, Sports Buddies is able to send a limited number of matches on a ski trip to Eldora Mountain and on a ropes course trip to Aerial Adventure Park in Buena Vista, CO.  Marc and Matthew have gone on both of these trips together!

Marc and Matthew are one of the most consistent matches in our program which has resulted in an awesome bond being created! Besides just participating in our activities, they take time to check in with each other at every event and discuss what’s new in each of their lives.  Their commitment to each other, their enthusiasm for participating in activities together, and their interest in getting to know each other embodies what the BBBSC experience is all about!


Written by Matt, Marc and Matthew’s Program Specialist.