BBBSC Celebrates First m2.0 Graduating Class!

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May 15, 2019

This month, mentor2.0 is celebrating the graduation of our first senior class! Our Sheridan High School seniors have been with their mentors for four years – since they were wide-eyed freshmen!

These students were the first class to participate in mentor2.0 in all of Colorado, and we are so proud of their grit and resilience. Many have faced significant hurdles over the past four years, and we are equally proud of their mentors who have stayed by their sides and coached them through the ups and downs. Sheridan High School has a wall that shows college acceptance letters, and our mentor2.0 students make up 80% of that wall!

Mentee Maria shared the following quote: “I feel like mentor2.0 was the reason I stayed on track. A hundred thank you notes, a hundred hugs, not even a hundred gifts would be enough to thank my mentor Catherine for everything she has helped me with.” Good luck Maria and to all our Sheridan Seniors!