Match of the Month: Steve and Ty

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May 17, 2019

Ty and Steve celebrated their three year match anniversary earlier this year. It was apparent right from the start that what this match did best was find joy in everything they did. Their classic outings involve fishing, discovering new biking and hiking trails, visiting the Wild Animal Sanctuary and Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Steve and Ty clearly have a fondness and reverence for their community and the natural world that surrounds it. They care to make a difference through small acts, like picking up pieces of litter when they can and practicing catch and release. On this foundation of shared values they have been able to grow their friendship.

Ty and Steve are constantly practicing new skills through their woodworking projects, recently building a bird feeder and shoe rack. They are also great at taking advantage of the opportunities that BBBSC offers. A few of the events that they have attended in the last year include STEM Day, Sailing Adventure Day, the BBBSC Anniversary Party, and they’ll be attending our upcoming Fly Fishing Day in June. What makes this match successful is not just the consistency of their activities, but the energy and passion they bring to them. Steve often shares his admiration for Ty and his ability to exude happiness, which ends up rubbing off on everyone he comes in contact with. Congrats to Steve and Ty on three great years of being matched!